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» To transfer credit between Fone1718 accounts

     To bring comfort and easier ways for customers to top up Fone1718, we have extented many dealers all over Vietnam, including : Fone1718 Card’s dealers, SMS Top-up and credit transfer.

From your calling device that registered fone1718 account, compose SMS:
BT [Fone1718 type] [amount of money] [phone number] then send to 8088 or send to 7095

  • [Fone1718 type]: 1 – multinational account; 2- 5-country account; 3- Viet-Lao account.

  • Example: BT 1 50000 09012345678 then send to 8088

(*) Note :
  • Beneficiary account will not enjoy bonus (if applicable).

  • You should distinguish different Fone 1718 accounts: Multinational account; 5- country account; Viet-Lao account. Credit will be transferred to your selected account.