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Fone1718 International Call Rates:
  United States 1350 1350
  Canada 1350 1350
  Australia 1500 3450
  China 1350 1350
  France 1500 2980
  Hongkong 1500 1450
  India 1450 1450
  South Korea 1900 2650
  Malaysia 1650 2450
  Singapore 1450 1450
  Sweden 1500 3600
  Thailand 1450 1450
Billing: VND/min. The rate is not VAT included.
Billing Increments: Block 6s.

Website usage direction
A. Website diagram
B. Introduction of special features after login

1. Detailed Call log
The system enables you to immediately check rate (calling numbers, call charges) online.

2. Top-up
You can top up for primary phone number.

3. Detailed top-up information:
This feature allows you to revise the previous top-up.

4. Add/Remove phone numbers into/from your Fone1718 account
The system allows you to check/remove/add your phone numbers using Fone1718 without being asked to enter your PIN (excluding the primary phone number).

5. Change password
You can change password for the primary phone number (the password is called PIN as well). Note: After changing password, you should confirm

6. Create personal PIN

This is a special feature of Fone1718. It’s quite similar to Roaming.


Log in to your account on the website and create your personal PIN, which is your phone number (account) + 4 more digits

When you travel anywhere (in Vietnam or abroad), you can call 1718 (or access code) and enter this personal PIN to make domestic or international calls. Thus, this personal PIN can be used as a calling card when necessary
Usage charge is billed in Fone1718 account, there are no telephone bills charged to calling numbers.